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Flirt is a dating site with a difference and it is not a site for the narrow-minded.It is designed for people who like to flirt,make new friends and start steamy affairs.

It is difficult to tell if this site,which is operated by,takes itself seriously is is one big send-up as it promises members a short cut to forbidden pleasures and thousands of men and women looking for passionate lovers and frivolous mates in the UK.

Cupid operates several other dating websites including another one called Be Naughty and although it states members range from 18 to 50+ it does seem to be a site for the younger end of the scale.It is the site to join if you are looking for a casual relationship and members include single ladies looking for fun and couples looking for a threesome.

Membership of Flirt is free and it just takes three simple steps to join,enter date of birth,choose a screen-name and start flirting.Members can watch videos and visit chatrooms.Although the site boasts men and women members it seems to be geared towards men as it promises candy UK girls and encourages them to keep flirting to find their goddess.

Flirt is a dating agency to join if you do not take yourself and your love-life too seriously and want to flirt with outher UK chicks and studs who have already joined this online dating service.

Flirt: What makes it different?

What makes Flirt different

Flirt stands out because it makes no secret of the fact that it is for broad minded people who want to find a short cut to forbidden pleasures,find passionate lovers and frivolous mates.

It actively encourages single people to join if they want to start a steamy affair and couples looking for singles to take part in a threesome are invited to become members.

Flirt is a site for people wanting casual hook-ups rather than find their soul-mates and they promise candy girls to men looking for their goddess,although the men who did join the site are not convinced these girls are genuine members.

Flirt vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Flirt)

Flirt Crowd is part of the JDL Dating Network and states it has had one mission since it was launched,to help people find their perfect match.It is open to 18 year-olds upwards and boasts there are over 150,000 hot and sexy single members.But it does give a clear indication that it is a site where couples can hook-up with singles looking for a threesome.

It is fairly similar to Flirt,although as far as you can tell there is no connection between the two as they have different parent companies.The similarity is both sites are more suited to people looking for fun and casual dating rather than finding a lifelong partner.

Again membership is free but you do have to upgrade to Premium membership to chat and email other members.Where this site scores over Flirt is they are much more open with information making it clear to prospective members what the Premium membership fees will be.They have a FAQ section and answer all the questions submitted.

Where this site appears to be genuine is they have both a customer support and billing support line and they do have a Report Abuse section where members can report offensive behaviour from other members.

Mingles is a website that states it is 100% free and is for dating,chat,forums,friends and a new way to mingle.It has a link to Adult Friend Finder,the world's largest sex dating site and swinger personals community for those looking for a racier adult site.

At first glance it looks as if Mingles is a straightforward dating site for people who want to find new friends and find love anywhere in the world,and those wanting something more adult should click on to their link.It is only when you start looking at the different sections you realise this is another site for those wanting to flirt and have fun.They have various groups,no strings attached,sex and sex only,naughty nice and so on.

It does have some groups for people genuinely looking for love like Jewish dates,want a serious relationship and no more games so the benefits of Mingles is it caters for all tastes and it appears to be free.

The drawbacks are there is no way you can find out if there are any hidden costs unless you sign up and you have to take them atr their word that they are 100% free.Also the women pictured on the free profiles to view are all incredibly beautiful and aged between 18 and mid-twenties so it is difficult to know if they are genuine members.Several of them come from Vietnam and they do look like models.

Flirt: Pricing & packages

Membership of Flirt is free but once you start receiving emails you wish to reply to you have to upgrade to a paid subscription.The cost of this subscription is not revealed until you join.However one of the reviews below states a three-day trial cost him $4.95 and because he did not cancel in time he was billed $34.95.

Sample prices from Flirt Crowd

Mingles states the site is 100% free and there is no indication on the site there are any hidden costs.

Flirt: Product images & screenshots
Flirt Coupons
Flirt: Customer reviews & comments

Customer feedback on Flirt on the All-Dating Websites site.There are 26 reviews of Flirt on this site and the majority of them say the same thing.These are genuine reviews and are reflected below.

I have never believed in internet dating before I joined,I have been here for 4 months already and this site is perfect.I am happy both with the price and the service.It's never boring or time-wasting and there are so many people to talk to.Of course some of them are real dickheads but this wasn't really annoying.I wasn't expecting to find someone so soon.I would highly recommend it to all my friends.Pedro Herr.31 Male.Oct 10 2011.

This site is a scam.After my initial 3-day trial for $4.95 it was hard to cancel my subscription so I got billed for $34.95 because I did not cancel in time.When I finally contacted them they said the could not refund my money.So I decided to try it out longer since they had my money.Some of the girls are scam (the pretty ones).The website is not user-friendly,it's hard to navigate and will not open when you click on mail or chat or anything else.John Simone.March 17 2012

This is funny,I put a very basic profile on this site,just a user name and nothing else and within seconds had 15 views and emails from women saying they liked my profile and wanted to chat.But to mail them back or chat you have to subscribe,it is well known these scams go on.They copy people's photos from legitimate sites and bullshit you into subscribing using the fact you might be looking for love and eager to reply to the beautiful women who just emailed you for a chat or a date.Before subscribing to this site check out the reviews.Phil.Aug 1 2011.

This site is as everyone says.It makes it difficult to cancel your subscription,when I thought I did it was never cancelled.Could not find any way of entering the cancellation code and had to ring a premium number to cancel yet more money wasted.As for the site I didn't get one email back and as they say I got loads of fake emails when not on the site.Dizza (27 male).July 20 2011

This site is the worst one I have ever been on.Before you pay their exhorbitant membership fee girls on the site send you many emails,mostly from Cam girls.The other contacts seemed very vague about what they wanted.This is a waste of time and a total scam in my opinion.Make sure you ring the phone number on the initial joining confirmation email,the one on the site would not work for me and I got caught with a month's subscription.Jeremy Bra.49.Male Jan 26 2012.

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